Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year 2008

Happy New Year to all!!

This is the first time I have actually added to the Blog...Before if you could not tell by the info Natalie was helping me out in creating it. We are looking forward to a great New Year...Danny and I are doing some home remodeling. It is interesting even though right now it is just the bathrooms. I'm sure after they are done the rest of the house will look like it needs it but, one thing at a time. All our children and grandchildren are doing great. Jake is in the MTC and will be on his way to Chile on Feb 5th. and is doing great. We are excited for the experiences he will be able to have. AJ and his family along with Trent are here in the valley so we get to see them often. All of them are great. Mayli and Tori, AJ and Nikkis girls are so cute and are growing up so fast. Amy and Natalie and their families are in Utah so about once every 4 to 5 weeks we hop a plane and go see them. Abby (Amys daughter) and Carson (Natalies son) need to see Grammie and PaPa so they don't forget us and we get withdrawls if we can't see them often. We are so Proud of all our children, children-in-laws (we consider them our children also) and our grandbabies and love them dearly. If you are ever in Az and need a place to stay we are empty nesters now and have plenty of room.


The Olsen Family said...

Hooray blogged! I love it. Hope things are going well in AZ. Carson says "Hi Grammie"! We had such a wonderful time with you guys over Christmas! Thanks for everything. Talk to you later.

AndersonFam4 said...

Hey its me Amanda. We finally got a blog too!!!